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Srednja poklicna in tehniška šola
Murska Sobota
Šola z najdaljšo tradicijo v Pomurju.

Projekti SPTŠ

Srednja poklicna in tehniška šola Murska Sobota (Secondary school for Vocational and Technical Education) was established more than 110 years ago, in 1901. Now it is visited by 743 students and there are approx. 77 staff members, out of which 59 teachers. Students can sign in for 3- or 4-year programs. 3-year programs finish their education by writing the Final exam, and 4-year- program students finish by graduation exam called Matura.

We educate our students in these major programs:

3-year-programs 4-year-programs
1. Carpenters ​1. Computer technician
2. Electricians 2. Electro technician
3. Car mechanics 3. Mechanics technician
4. Machine installers 4. Graphic designers


Students who finish 3-year-programs can continue their education by entering so-called 3+2 program which concludes also with Matura exam.

Our school is in good condition and very well equipped. There are several computer labs, electro technical labs and a school workshop for car mechanic. In the school is also a school canteen where students can have their snacks and lunches. There is a free Wi-Fi connection as we use e-mark book and e-class register, therefore there is a computer in each classroom. In majority of classrooms there are also white- and smart-boards.

A students’ dormitory for students living far away from school is located in the city centre which is 5 minute walk from our school.

Our students are very successful in all kinds of competitions. There is a strong football- and hand-playing tradition. They are also good and bring home the best results from state Math competition, different IT competitions, language competitions and research work.



SPTŠ Murska Sobota
Šolsko naselje 12
9000 Murska Sobota
Phone number: +386 2 534 89 10


Erasmus+ coordinator


Klavdija Cerovšek

E-mail address: klavdija.cerovsek@spts.si

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