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Srednja poklicna in tehniška šola
Murska Sobota
Šola z najdaljšo tradicijo v Pomurju.

Erasmus+ KA2

Ključni ukrep 2 omogoča sofinanciranje projektov, katerih namen je dvig kakovosti poučevanja, usposabljanja, učenja in mladinskega dela, modernizacija institucij in inovacija družbe. V projektih sodelujejo organizacije s področja izobraževanja, usposabljanja in mladine ter podjetja, javni organi in druge organizacije, ki so kakor koli dejavne oz. povezane z vzgojo, izobraževanjem in usposabljanjem.




Partner Organizations participating: UNISER SOC. COOP ONLUS - lead partner, EFIL - European Federation for Intercultural Learning, AOCDTF, HETEL - Heziketa Teknikoko Elkartea, INSIGNARE - Associacao De Ensino e Formacao, EUGes - EU Geschäftsstelle Bezirksregierung Köln, SPTŠ - Srednja poklicna in tehniška šola Murska Sobota

Erasmus coordinator: Klavdija Cerovšek (klavdija.cerovsek@spts.si)

The general objective of the project is to increase the quality and internationalisation of Work Based Learning and Europe through the exchange of best practices for the CPD of VET teachers.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To improve competences of VET teachers/trainers on how to plan, organise and evaluate high quality WBL experiences in mobility
  2.  To exchange practices in teacher training on WBL and internationalisation, and thus identify, test and mainstream an innovative trainning methodology.
  3. To improve networking and communication skills in VET provider staff to develope Internationalisation strategies together with stakeholders.

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Project named Project Learning for better Establishment on Labor market (P.L.E.L.) responds to labor market needs for qualified young people who have a good knowledge and skills in the field, but have also advanced soft skills like as teamwork, sense of responsibility, respect terms, the ability to adapt to changing conditions, working with ICT, communication in foreign languages, willingness to constantly learn. The project, during the 17 months, address these needs through project-based teaching and work based learning (WBL) that can develop students' professional knowledge and hardskills and soft skills, too. To achieve these goals extend for students who are not engaged in the project , we will create the methodology for the creation of student´s tasks, management and also manual for project evaluation. Created materials together with student´s tasks and documentation for school projects will be possible to use at participating schools or other teachers at other schools that the project outputs interested.

The project will involve 5 secondary schools - Secondary School of Electrical Engineering, Kosice (Slovakia), Secondary School of Electrical Engineering, Havirov (Czech Republic), Srednja poklicna in Tehniška šola, Murska Sobota (Slovenia), Zespół Szkół Technicznych, Mikołów (Poland) and Miskolci Szakképzési Center Kandó Kálmán Szakgimnáziuma, Miskolc (Hungary). Every school in the project includes 12 students and 2 teachers, which together counts for 60 students and 12 teachers. Students, who are involved in project, are 16+ years old, so they are students from 2nd to 4th grade mentioned schools in various fields mainly focused on electrical engineering, electronics, mechatronics, automation and information-communication technologies. In every school, there will be selected two teachers who will work with the students, and also prepare the above project outputs.

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